VA Pricing & Subscription

Recurring Plan (YOA)

These plans benefits you with own assistant for a month and can be utilized as per you need. There is also an option where you can customize your plans for better utilization of hours. Unlike other service providers, we offer our customer with rollover option on unused hours on our Corp plans.


$70Per Month

  • Individual - Budget
  • One Assistant
    • 10 Hours of Services

YOA 40

$280Per Month

  • Individual - Luxury
  • One Assistant
  • 40 Hours of Services

YOA 80 Corp

$500Per Month

  • Half Day Assistant
  • 20 hours per week
  • 80 Hours of Services

YOA160 Corp

$750Per Month

  • Full Time Assistant
  • 40 hours per week
  • 160 Hours of Services

Pay Per Task (PPT)

This plan helps you pay only for the task placed. Each task will be considered as 15 minutes. The task count will be calculated based on the complexity and time spent on the task. This is basically suitable for clients who are looking for Personal services.


$15Per Month

  • PPT10
  • No restriction on Assistant
    • 10 task per month


$30Per Month

  • PPT20
  • No restriction on Assistant
    • 20 task per month


$43Per Month

  • PPT30
  • No restriction on Assistant
    • 30 task per month


$70Per Month

  • PPT50
  • No restriction on Assistant
    • 50 task per month

* For Customized Plan, SEO Package and for plans more than 200 hour you can request quote by sending elaborate details of your requirement to **Conditions apply