Our Pricing

Plans & Pricing

We have set our plans and pricing as per the convenience of our Client. All our plans and pricing are low compare to all in the industry.

Our Pricing

We have two different plans for our clients as mentioned below.

1) Pay per task (PPT, Customized or One-time projects)
2) Recurring Task or Your own Assistant (YOA)

Pay per task (PPT) Plan

In this plan, you can provide details of the task and one of our agents will analyze the task and provide you the quote for the task completion. Based on your approval, invoice will sent and task will be completed.

Price for this Plan is $ 7 / hour

Recurring Task (YOA)

In this plan, you can hire your own assistant for a monthly basis according to your need. This plan can be customized and unlike other service providers your unused hours of previous month gets accumulated to the next month. Price for this (Your own Assistant) Plan is as below.

YOA 5 5 hours of service at $35
YOA 10 10 hours of service at $70
YOA 20 20 hours of service at $140
YOA 30 30 hours of service at $210
YOA 40 40 hours of service at $280
YOA 50 50 hours of service at $350
YOA 100 100 hours of service at $700
* If you have requirement for more than 100 hours per month, the you can have our service at flat rate of $6 per hour. We will customize the plan for the same.